John Petruzzi at Bliss gallery January 18-28, 2011

YSU alumnus, John Petruzzi, will exhibit his most recent body of watercolors at Bliss gallery from January 18 to 28.  Please stop by to see this exciting work.  The opening reception is scheduled for Thursday Jan. 20 4-5:30PM

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Susanne Slavick’s lecture at McDonough, Wed. Oct. 29th at 5:30

CINDER works by Susanne Slavick
September 17 – November 12
Reception Friday, September 17, 6-8pm

CINDER speaks to the remains of the day — of yesterday, today and tomorrow — as our country approaches a decade of war, the longest war in our history, a war defined as global.

These works by Pittsburgh artist Susanne Slavick are drawn primarily from two series:Horsepower Hubris that mourns the arrogance of power and the folly of violence; and R&R(…&R) that extends and converts the military abbreviation for “rest and relaxation” to words like “regret and regenerate.” Throughout, she borrows and builds images from the art and architecture of the invader and the invaded, whether from the workshops of Persian miniaturist Bihzâd or the court arts of Safavid Iran. Scenes of construction and cultivation are painted over digitally manipulated photographs of devastation across the former Islamic Empire — in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and elsewhere. Altering these images by hand is her attempt at empathic restitution, at recognizing what has been decimated, and reviving and replacing the anonymous, ashen monochrome of rubble.

Several images focus on vehicles, whether beasts of burden or mechanical transports. Caravans of camels act as benign witnesses while cars, jeeps, tanks and humvees embody the machismo that both feeds and entraps so many abuses of power. Vehicles have become favored weapons and targets of those who have chosen violence as a means to an end. Addressing the aftermath is daunting, when charred flesh and metal seem to be all that remain. Their embers can fade but also flare anew, like the creative impulse that embodies hope, however faint.

In We Needed Fire, the poet Susan Stewart implores “Tell me ravaged singer, how the cinder bears the seed.” The artist asks: is it a seed of revenge or reconciliation?

more information on Susanne Slavick

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Artist NIchola Kinch at Bliss gallery Oct. 11-29

Nichola Kinch received an MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University ( Elkins Park, PA). In the past, Kinch used video installation incorporating interaction with viewers to examine how physical perspective and proximity can act as metaphors for psychological perspective.

Kinch spent months photographing random items that have accumulated in her home. The artist transforms these photographs into abstract landscapes presented in the gallery space representing evidence of individual activity and abandoned affairs. The artist sites Georges Perec as a source of inspiration for the project.

The installation artist has exhibited throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.

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Visiting artist Ron Johnson

Visiting artist Ron JOhnson will be installing his exhibit at Bliss gallery on Monday March 15th.  Stop by to meet the artist and see the in-progress installation of his work.  The opening of the exhibit is scheduled for Tuesday 4-6PM at the gallery with the artist talk at 4:30PM.  Please mark your calendars!

To learn more about his work visit:   website

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Opening tonight at Bliss gallery

Opening of the African American MOnth Celebration exhibit “Art and Fear” is scheduled for tonight at 6:30PM.  Artists presentation will follow at McDonough Museum at 7PM.

We will still have our critique tonight at 5:10PM!

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Exhibit opportunities

Check out the Manifest gallery website for new exhibition opportunities.  This is a great space to have work shown at, and it is close enough to even visit!

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Robert Storr’s visit

On February 25th and 26th we are having Robert Storr, artist, critic and the dean of Yale University School of Art visiting our school.  Read the information about Robert Storr at the link bellow and mark your calendar for the lecture on Feb. 25th at 7pm at Butler Institute for American Art.

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Welcome to the Art 4851: Advanced Painting class page!

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