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  2. A “theme” is a layout template for your blog pages. It not only determines text fonts and images but also the number of frames on your page but also what plug-ins can go int which frames.  So, it not only affects the look of your page but also its content organization. When you look at the possible themes you can use, look for organizational issues as well as overall appearance.

  3. In the Dashboard, select Design in the top tab. Under Themes, you will see a set of themes that server provides for you. Your default theme is highlighted but you can also view  all of theother available themes.  Note: Themes that are available under commerical WordPress may not be available in Maag’s WordPress implementation.

  4. Clink the title or the screen shot of the theme you want to use for your blog.

  5. The system demonstrates how your blog will look using the selected theme. Please click Activate ‘Your theme name’ at the right side of the top to activate this theme for you or, click on another theme until you have the best fit for your blog and then click Activate.

  6. You will be brought back the Dashboard. The current theme is the new one you’ve just selected. To see how it looks in production, click on view site.

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