Set up email function for your blog

Email service is one of the very important functions in your blog service. The Maagblog server will NOT automatically send e-mail. You must activate that feature.

You can set up your blog to send an email when a new user registers to your blog or when someone makes a comment. The following instructions explain how to set up an e-mail service function in the blog server.

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  2. Under Settings select wpPHPMailer. You will see the set up page for activating e-mail function.

  3. In Option 1: Select SMTP via wpPHPMailer

  4. In Option 2: SMTP mail server: and port number 25 . For security reasons, you only can use the mail server for the blog service. To get an e-mail account from, contact the Maagblog administrator (Shelly Zhu).

  5. In Option 3: SMTP Server requires authentication? Select Yes.

  6. In Option 4: SMTP mail user name: use your address:

  7. In Option 5: Input your password.

  8. Don’t change options 6 and 7.

  9. In Option 8: Hardcoded From e-mail, Fill in your email address.

  10. In Option 9: Hardcoded From name, fill in the name you want show in the email.

  11. Click Save changes to save it. Your mail service is now activated.

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