Transfer another blog into a Maag WordPress blog

Comment Icon0 If you have a blog in another blog server, such as Blogger, Blogware, LiveJournal…, and you want to transfer that blog’s content to your Maag WordPress blog, you must do this from within the Maag WordPress software. Log in to your Maag WordPress account and in the Dashboard screen , do the following:

1. Under the tab “Manage” select “Import”. You will see a list of blog common blog service names. If your service is listed, choose the service from which you wish to import a blog. In the rare case that your service is not listed, contact the Maagblog administrator.

2. In this example, we use Blogger as the source blog. Select Blogger, you will see a page to ask you Authorize. Click it.

3. The WordPress blog server will access your Blogger first. Click Grant access, and give your email address that you use for accessing your blog in Blogger.

4. Your WordPress blog will display your blog in Blogger.   Press the  Import button and all of the information in your Blogger blog will be imported to your new WordPress blog.

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