Transfer your information from another WordPress blog

Comment Icon0 If you want to transfer your blog information from another WordPress blog (source blog) to your new WordPress blog (target blog),  do the following:

Comment Icon0 1. In your source blog (where your blog currently resides), go to Manage and select Export. You will see the instructions on how to download the export file. Please press the button at the bottom Download Export File

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2. You are asked to either save the file on your computer or open it in XML editor. Please save the file to your computer. Remember the file name and where you saved it. Your will need this file soon.

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3. In your target blog (where you want the blog to now reside), go to Manage and select Import. You will see a list of blog services. Go all the way down to the bottom, select WordPress.

4. You will be asked to import blog file. Browse the file you saved in step 2, and import it by clicking the  Upload file and import button.

5. You will see a list of files imported into your new blog from the source blog. Press the Submit button and the files will be placed into your new blog.

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