Youngstown and World War I medicine

During World War I, the United States aided the Allies’ fight by setting up Base Hospitals in Europe. Base Hospital 31 was organized in Youngstown, OH in the beginning of 1917. The $50,000 needed to supply the hospital was funded by donations from the citizens and staffed by 300 volunteers from the local medical community […]

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Recently, I did some light research on operating table design. I was looking for changes in design and materials so that I could help a researcher date their newly-acquired artifact. What I found was that after about 1920, operating tables didn’t change much. They all looked about the same and had similar features. The biggest […]

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Medical report on Lincoln Assassination found

A researcher for the Papers of Lincoln project has found a medical report from 1865 written by the first doctor to reach President Lincoln. The Times Union reports that it was found in the Surgeon General’s correspondence files at the National Archives. Dr. Charles Leale had only been a doctor for 6 weeks when he […]

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“Life in the Lung” photo exhibit

The Rose Melnick Medical Museum will host a new temporary exhibit called “Life in the Lung” from Friday, July 6th to Friday, August 17th. The museum will hold special weekend hours for Summer Festival of the Arts. Saturday, July 7th: 10am to 7pm Sunday, July 8th: 11am to 5pm The exhibit will feature 20 photographs […]

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More on the replica Iron Lung…

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if people could get into (the iron lung),’ but I couldn’t let them into the real one that we have,” said Cassie Nespor, museum curator. Enter Andy Phillips, YSU carpenter and primary force behind the effort to build a replica “iron lung” that visitors could get in and experience […]

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It’s here!

The replica Iron Lung is finally here! This custom-made Iron Lung was created so that visitors can actually go *inside* an Iron Lung and experience what it felt like to be encased in the bright yellow chamber. Polio victims would have lived like this for weeks- or even years! It has a bed that slides […]

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Baby Shoes!

Last week, I had a call from a woman who wanted to donate something to the museum. She explained the item to me over the phone, and since we didn’t have anything like it in the collection, we made an appointment for her to bring them in. This is what she brought: She told me […]

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