Mahoning Valley hospitals

Comment Icon0 The first hospital in the Mahoning Valley opened in 1883. It was located in Youngstown and had 18 beds. The hospital was small because most people preferred to be treated at home at that time. Hospitals served the poor population who couldn’t afford to have a doctor come to their home, or who had no one at home to take care of them.

Comment Icon0 There was an explosion of hospital building at the beginning of the 20th century. Hospitals were becoming cleaner thanks to new antiseptic practices and new surgical procedures could help a growing number of ailments. Many hospitals in the Mahoning Valley were built or expanded during the first half of the century.

Comment Icon0 In this interview, Dr. Frank Kravec describes the Mahoning County Tuberculosis Sanitarium on Kirk Road in Austintown. It opened in 1925 and was expanded in 1936. It was full again and had many patients on the waiting list when Dr. Kravec began working there as a pulmonary specialist in 1946. He explains why it closed in 1973. The Sanitarium was demolished in 1982.


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