Medicine in the Military

Comment Icon0 Members of the Mahoning Valley medical community have been involved in every American war since the War of 1812.

Comment Icon0 Before the United States entered World War I, the Mahoning Valley sponsored a Red Cross hospital in Contrexville, France. The community raised $50,000 to buy the equipment and 85 local doctors and 64 nurses volunteered their time to staff the hospital- Base Hospital 31. In this interview, Dr. Ray Fenton describes his training and duties at Base Hospital 31.

Youngstown nurses outside Base Hospital 31, c1918

Comment Icon0 The Mahoning Valley also contributed many doctors and nurses to World War II. Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital and Warren City Hospital both trained nurses through the accelerated Cadet Nursing Corps program. The training lasted 36 months and helped alleviate the nursing shortage during the war.

Nursing Cadet uniform from St. Elizabeth's Hospital, c1943


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