Dr. Betterman and the story of how modern medicine came to a small town

“All doctors have to put on a bold front. […] I am not ashamed to confess that I do not know it all. Probably never will. I do try to use the best things and methods that rational science has to officer. All medicine has much yet to learn.” So writes Dr. Amos Betterman in […]

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A short history of stethoscopes

Today stethoscopes are a typical fixture around doctors’ necks. They are commonly used to listen to the sounds of the heart and lungs as well as the flow of blood during blood pressure readings. The practice of percussion and immediate auscultation were popular in physical examinations by the early 1800s. In immediate auscultation, physicians placed […]

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Early pharmaceutical tools

Before the industrial production of medicines, all syrups, ointments, pills, and salves were made by hand- often by a trained apothecary or pharmacist. Over the years, specialized tools were developed to assist these specialists in making a variety of medicines. Mortars and pestles were used to grind, pulverize, and mix herbs and powdered medicines. They […]

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