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Federal Tax Research Guide

Federal Tax Research

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Federal tax documents may be located in print and/or electronic sources in the library, as well as on the Web. The attached Federal Tax Research Chart may be referenced to determine the appropriate source and available format(s) to use in order to find the document you need. The chart may be used to locate federal tax documents, such as IRS announcements, letter rulings, revenue procedures and rulings, Treasury decisions and regulations, plus many more. The chart may also be used to locate sources of tax information, such as Standard Federal Tax Reporter, Cumulative Bulletins, the Federal Register, the Internal Revenue Code, etc. This chart is also useful for finding U.S. Tax Court and federal courts tax cases. For example, if you have a tax case citing TC, scroll down to TC in the chart, and you will find listed the print and/or electronic sources you can utilize to locate your case.

Print sources are listed by title and include available holdings, call number, and location within the library. Notes have been included to help you effectively use the source to find your document.

See Maag Library’s Accounting & Taxation Guide for additional information.

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