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Finance 3730: Investment Analysis

Common Stock Analysis

Table of Contents

Print Resources

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  • Mergent’s Handbook of Common Stocks REF HG4501 .M59
    Key financial statistics on approximately 900 New York Stock Exchange-listed issues. This handbook, updated quarterly, presents market data, performance ratios, stock prices, and dividend information of recent quarterly results as well as future prospects in succinct one-page profiles.
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  • Mergent’s Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks REF HG4501 .M58
    Presents market data, performance ratios, stock prices, and dividend information as well as recent quarterly results and future prospects in succinct one-page profiles.
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  • Mergent’s Dividend Achievers REF HG4050 .M66
    Approximately 300 U.S. companies that have increased their regular cash dividends annually for 10 or more consecutive years.

Business Databases

Comment Icon0 Visit Maag Library’s Business Research Databases Guide for a complete list of databases available for locating business information.
Business Research Databases Handout

Comment Icon0 Use the databases listed below to search for articles and business information. While these databases provide a good starting point for your research, other databases are also available. To view the complete list of databases, go to the Maag Library Home Page and click on Research Databases on the left side of the screen under Quick Links.

Comment Icon0 Many articles may be found full-text within the databases, while others may be found in print in the bound journals on the sixth floor of the library. If you are having trouble locating the full text of an article, check Maag Journal Finder to view all print & electronic holdings for the journal. If MJF does not lead you to full text access of the article (print or electronic) use the Online Article Request Form to order the article electronically. InterLibrary Loan can locate most articles and will email you with a PDF attachment. This process takes approximately one week.

Comment Icon0 Click on the database titles below if you are on campus. If you are off campus, use the Off Campus Access links.
Authentication to an OhioLINK database requires you to:

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  • Select your institution (Youngstown State University) then click on Submit.
  • Enter your last name followed by first name.
  • Enter your YSU ID# (number beginning with “Y” found on your YSU ID or in your portal account).
  • Enter your PASSWORD. **Until you set up a unique one in Your Library Record your YSU ID# is your password**
  • Click on Submit
  • Databases purchased individually by Maag Library require YSU username & password (same as YSU email).

Comment Icon0 CLICK HERE for more information about off campus access.

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    Scholarly business database, providing bibliographic and full text content.

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    • Find articles from business publications about your company:
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      • Enter search terms and click on Search to obtain a list of relevant articles
      • Click on article title for citation information and article abstract
      • Click on HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text to retrieve full text of article
      • If no HTML or PDF link, click on Find It! to see if it is full text in another database
    • Find a Datamonitor Report for your company:
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      • At BSC opening search screen, click More on the blue toolbar at the top of the screen
      • Select Company Profiles
      • Enter the name of your company in the search box and click on Browse
      • Click on Datamonitor Report for your company
    • Find and search specific publications within Business Source Complete:
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      • At BSC opening search screen, click on Publications on the blue toolbar at the top of the screen
      • Enter title of a specific publication in Publications search box and click on Browse
      • Click on the title of the publication
      • To find specific issues, click on the years listed at the right and select the desired issue
      • To search all available issues of the specific publication, click on Search within this publication directly above list of years and enter term(s) in the search box(es)
      • Examples: Morningstar StockInvestor, Morningstar DividendInvestor
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    Business information, including financial reports, company news and securities data.

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    • To find a company profile:  At Mergent opening screen in Company Search box, enter Company Name or Ticker Symbol and Click Go
    • Use tabs to view Company Details (Business Summary, Pricing Summary, Key Executives); Ownership (Institutional Holdings, Insiders, Insider Trades); Company Financials (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Retained Earnings, Cash Flow going back 15 years); Equity Pricing (Chart, Report); Reports (Annual, Industry, Equity, Mergent); Filings (SEC); News (Recent News, Historic News); Competitors; Report Builder (Custom Reports, Report Wizard, Comparison Reports)
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    U.S. Businesses Search: This database of 14 million U.S. Businesses contains verified, accurate data and is updated monthly.Selection criteria include: Business Name, Executive Name, Business Type, Sales Volume, Employee Size, Year Established, plus more.

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    • After entering Reference USA, click on U.S. Businesses, then Custom Search tab
    • Click on Company Name , select Company Name and enter your company’s name in search box to the right
    • Click on Financial Data, select Ticker Symbol and enter your company’s ticker symbol in search box
    • Click on View Results
    • Select appropriate Company Name to access the Company Profile
    • Profile includes: Corporate Tree, Location Information, Business Profile, Industry Profile, Business Demographics, Management Directory, Company News, Stock Data (SEC filings), Business Expenditures, Historical Data (annual reports), UCC Filings, Nearby Businesses, Competitors Report, Brands & Products…
    • Stock Data section includes links to Stock Info and Google Finance
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    Comprehensive source of business and investment information, offering on-line access to popular Standard & Poor’s research products, such as Industry Surveys, Stock Reports, Corporation Records, The Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives, The Outlook, Mutual Fund Reports among others.

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    • Standard & Poor’s Stock Report:
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      • In “Simple Search” box in right column choose Stock Reports from Resources dropdown menu
      • Select Ticker or Company Name from Search by dropdown menu
      • Enter company name or ticker in Enter box and click on arrow to access S&P Stock Report
      • Stock Reports may be viewed in HTML or PDF format
    • Companiestab:
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      • At S&P’s opening screen, click on the Companies tab on the top toolbar
      • Box on left side contains links to Market Snapshots, Outlook’s Market Insight, Stovall’s Sector Watch, Takeover Talk, Stock Picks and Pans, Focus Stock of the Week, etc.
    • Find a Company Profile:
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      • From Companies tab, select Company Profile from Resources dropdown menu, choose Ticker or Company Name from Search by box, enter ticker or company name in search box, and click on arrow
      • Overview includes Business Summary and Company Fact Sheet
      • Navigate company profile from links on left side of screen
    • Quote links you to company stock quote information
    • Chart links you to interactive stock chart (up to 10 years)
    • Valuation links you to Key Stock Statistics, Per Share Data by Fiscal Year, and Relative Standings by Calendar Year
    • Dividend & Stock Splits links you to Dividend Data and Stock Splits
    • Estimates & Opinions links you to S&P Opinions, S&P Estimates, Debt, and Wall Street Analysts’ Earning Consensus…
    • How to Analyze links you to Independent Equity Research
    • S&P Industry Surveys may be viewed in HTML or PDF format
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    Helps investors access the most accurate and independently created research information available, in any format they choose, and teaches them how to use it to meet their financial objectives.

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    • The Value Line Investment Survey:
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      • At Value Line opening screen, click on Standard Edition under Quick Index on left side of screen and select “Lookup Company”
      • Enter company name or ticker symbol in search box and select Company or Ticker Symbol; Click on Search
      • Click on PDF icon to access page from print version of The Value Line Investment Survey
      • Click on HTML icon to access a Custom Report from Value Line, which includes Business Profile, Company Commentary, Company Performance Chart, Income Statement, Financial Statement Information, Industry Commentary, Industry Peers, Fund Owners, Social Responsibility, EDGAR Filings, Insider Table, etc.
    • Model Portfolios:
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      • To illustrate how an investment strategy can meet different goals, Value Line analysts select and maintain three model portfolios, each with a distinctive investment objective. All three portfolios hold 20 stocks.
      • To access the 3 model portfolios, click on Standard Edition under Quick Index on left side of opening screen and select Model Portfolio 1, Model Portfolio 2, or Model Portfolio 3

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