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Financial Ratios Guide


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  • Small Business Ratio Calculators
    Current Ratio Calculator. Quick Ratio Calculator. Debt to Assets Ratio Calculator. Return on Assets Calculator. Gross Profit Margin Calculator. Operating Profit Percentage Calculator.
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  • Biz/ed: Financial Ratio Analysis
    Ratio analysis materials prepared for Biz/ed by Duncan Williamson. An extensive resource broken down into sections and subsections.
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  • BizStats: Free Industry Financial Ratios
    From here you can find industry average financial ratios. Results tables include profitability, liquidity and efficiency ratios. Industry ratios are offered for three groups: all corporations, S-corporations (less than 35 employees), and sole proprietorships.
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  • Investopedia: Financial Ratio Tutorial
    The objective of this tutorial is to provide you with a guide to sources of financial statement data, to highlight and define the most relevant ratios, to show you how to compute them and to explain their meaning as investment evaluators.
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  • MSN Money: Company Key Financial Ratios
    Compare any given stock’s performance to its industry peers as well as to the S&P 500. View growth rate, price-to-equity ratios, profit margins, financial condition, investment returns, management efficiency, and a 10-year summary of company performance.
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  • Reuters: Stocks
    Enter company ticker symbol, select Financials, and click on Search

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