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Business History & Biographies Print Reference Resources

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  • African-American Business Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary REF HC102.5 .A2 I52 1994
    This collection contains the biographies of 123 individual African-American business leaders, the historically most significant black business leaders from the early days of America until the present time. Designed to provide students of African-American history, individuals interested in business history, and the casual reader with biographies that place the individual fully within the context of his or her times, dealing with the relevant economic, social, and cultural issues that impinged upon that person’s life and upon the lives of other African-Americans in that city and at that time.
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  • African American Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs REF HC102.5 .A2 K73 2004
    A concise reference work that documents the extraordinary achievements of African Americans in business fields. Offering a wealth of useful information, this book profiles more than 155 business leaders and entrepreneurs. Each enlightening biographical entry concentrates on the events in that person’s life related to his or her accomplishments as a business leader or entrepreneur and includes a list of further reading on that person. An introduction, bibliography, subject indexes, general index, and 51 photographs round out the resource.
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  • Contemporary American Business Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary REF HC102.5 .A2 I534 1990
    In the four decades following WWII, American business experienced a profound transformation. This volume of 1,159 biographical entries addresses that transformation and the business people who played vital roles in it. This collection delves deeply into significant trends and developments in the postwar world.
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  • Great Events from History II: Business and Commerce Series REF HC55 .G68 1994 (5 volumes)
    The five volumes address the major developments in the worldwide evolution of business and commerce in the 20th century. The history of business and commerce provides a unique perspective on history as a whole, showing how economic life progressed and describing the forces that shaped it. Description of these business events illustrates the many linkages among politics, culture, technology, and all the other elements of history. Articles are arranged chronologically by date of event, beginning in 1897 with the first publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and ending in 1994 with the effective date of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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  • International Directory of Company Histories REF HD2721 .I63 1988 (66 volumes)
    Relates the historical development of the world’s most important companies. Maag Library has access to over 6,850 companies in 66 volumes. Most companies chosen for inclusion have achieved a minimum of US$25 million in annual sales and are leading influences in their industries or geographical locations. Companies may be publicly held, private, or nonprofit.
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  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History REF HC15 .O94 2003 (5 volumes)
    Nearly 900 entries, arranged in alphabetical order. Composite entries gather together discussions of similar or related topics under one headword. A headnote listing the various subentries introduces each composite entry. The articles give important terms and titles in their original languages, with English translations when needed. A selective bibliography at the end of each article directs the reader who wishes to pursue a topic in greater detail to primary sources, the most useful works in English, and the most important scholarly works in any language.
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General Collection Resources

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Business History & Biographies Resources on the Web

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  • Business History
    The history of business: industries, companies, executives, products/services, economics, scandals, business fiction, films, photographs. Essential books on management: investing, financing, operating decisions into the largest multimedia collection of business and management history available (organized by subject, company, year and author).
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    Explore the many fascinating businesses and business histories from some of the world’s most dynamic companies. Read about the histories, products and cultures that can help today’s entreprenuers build better businesses by understanding the successes and failures of those who have lead the way.
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  • Harvard Business School: Business History
    Harvard Business School, more than any other leading business school, integrated the study of history into its curriculum from its earliest days. View the latest issue of Business History Review.
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    H-Business is the discussion network for the Business History Conference, an international organization devoted to the study of business enterprise and organization and of all aspects of the interactions of business with society, government, and culture in a historical context.

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