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Business Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk. All reference materials are for in-library use only.

  • Dictionary for Business & Finance REF HF1001 .T43 1990
    Defines terms from every field of business as well as economics, statistics, and management and many words and expressions from other fields, which have been adopted for special use by the business community. Of particular value to the student and the business person alike are appendices for ratios, equations, formulas, abbreviations, and general financial and investment information, including the 1986 Tax Reform Act.
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  • Encyclopedia of Business REF HF1001 .E466 1995 (2 volumes)
    This encyclopedia’s combined practical and theoretical approach offers readers a solid explanation of relevant concepts, issues, and terms, covering both current and classical areas of interest and concern. Comprised of two volumes, the signed, original essays are arranged alphabetically from A-Z by topic throughout the set. Average entry length is approximately 2,500 words. At the back of the second volume are two important features: the Discipline Index and the General Index.
  • Encyclopedia of Business and Finance REF HF1001 .E466 2007 (2 volumes)
    This two volume collection of over 315 articles presents a wealth of information about the major functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing. The articles vary in length and in depth, in bibliographic support, and in writing style. Thus, the reader will encounter a variety of approaches and discern a number of perspectives about business.
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  • Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce REF HF5548.32 .G35 2002 (2 volumes)
    Presents a comprehensive look at the topics and terms, companies, people, events, and legislation most relevant to the e-commerce industry. Designed for e-entrepreneurs and students performing industry research, as well as individuals simply interested in understanding the industry more fully, GEE is an all-encompassing source for the information most critical to understanding the e-commerce industry. Through over 470 essays, readers will encounter a wide array of information on the terminology, players, people, and laws in the industry.
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  • International Business Dictionary in Nine Languages REF HF1002 .M84
    This dictionary contains specialist terms relating to the organisation and practice of commerce, economics, and social economics. The dictionary is in 9 languages and contains definitions or explanations in English and Esperanto of all terms included. For each term appearing in English and Esperanto the translation is given in 7 other important languages. The English terms are in alphabetical order and by a convenient system of 8 indexes the work can be used for each of the other languages included.
  • International Encyclopedia of Business and Management REF HF1001 .I53 1996 (6 volumes)
    The encyclopedia contains 517 entries arranged in a single alphabetical sequence through five volumes. Volume 6 is devoted to a comprehensive index of the key terms, concepts, countries and names covered in Volumes 1 to 5. A guide to the index can be found at the beginning of the index. The encyclopedia has been extensively cross-referenced in order to signpost other entries that are likely to be of interest.
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  • The Little Black Book of Business Words REF HF1001 .T46 1991
    Also EBook available through NetLibrary. Follow link in the RECORD for on campus access.
    For off campus access, you have to set up a free account. You must be in the library or on campus to establish this free account. Once the account is established, you may use NetLibrary from anywhere, on or off campus. While in the library or on campus CLICK HERE, select “Youngstown State University” from dropdown menu and Submit. Enter your name (last then first), library barcode number and Submit. After successful authentication, click on Create a Free Account in the upper right hand corner. Fill out the form and click on Create Account.
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  • The Oxford Dictionary for the Business World REF HF1001 .O96 1993
    A complete, up-to-date Oxford English dictionary featuring special coverage of business together with computing terms, and countries and major cities of the world. Also includes profiles of selected business people and useful appendices including world statistics, travel information, and tips and checklists for compiling business charts, graphs, and presentations.
  • Understanding American Business Jargon: A Dictionary REF HF1001 .F65 2005
    Business and culture are inextricably linked, each reflecting and reinforcing trends in the other. This resource captures the essence of both by focusing on the terms and phrases that make up our business vocabulary. From “AAA” to “Zombie Bonds,” Folsom takes us on a tour of over 2,500 concepts that cover the spectrum of business-speak. Each term is succinctly defined and described in context, and many are illustrated with quotations from the popular press. Includes slang, acronyms, a bibliography, an introduction that discusses recent trends in business language, and is cross-referenced throughout.
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Business Information Guides

Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk. All reference materials are for in-library use only.

  • Business: The Ultimate Resource REF HD38.15 .B878 2006
    Offers a wide range of insights, information, and practical guidance on every aspect of management. Comprised of six distinct sections, Business is extensively cross-referenced throughout and organized to help you navigate both across and within topics. Includes: Over 150 original essays and interviews with the world’s leading business authors; Biographies of over 100 of the world’s most influential business gurus and pioneers; Summaries of more than 100 of the world’s most influential business books; Over 1500 business quotations — from the informative to the inspirational.
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  • The Directory of Business Information Resources REF HF54.52 .U5 D567 2008
    Premier reference book for business researchers covering 98 industries, from Accounting and Advertising to Water Supply and Wholesale Services. Each chapter includes a wide variety of valuable industry-specific resources, including Associations, Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Trade Shows, Directories, Databases and Web Sites. This edition includes 21,800 listings, including hundreds of brand new listings and thousands of updates. It’s the most comprehensive guide to business information on the market today.
  • Doing Business Research: A Guide to Theory and Practice REF HD30.4 .L42 2008
    This is a book that has been long awaited in the business research community – a book that holistically addresses the entire research process, from the nature of research and knowledge to the final results – and will become a requisite text for anyone involved in doing a research project. With an advanced undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral readership in mind, as well as those approaching research as an instructor, Nick Lee (with Ian Lings) has taken on the often disparate elements of research methodology and brought together an integrated, accessible and humorous account explaining why research methods are the way they are and how researchers do what they do.
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  • The Irwin Guide to Using the Wall Street Journal REF HB3743 .L44 2005
    The Wall Street Journal is the authoritative source for business news in America; it is published coast to coast; and it has one of the largest daily circulations of any newspaper in the country. By focusing on a handful of key statistical reports in the Journal, you can acquire a surprisingly quick and firm comprehension of the ups and downs of the American business economy. This book was designed to help you develop a sound overview of our economy, thus making your grasp of economic events as well as your business and investment decisions more informed and more confident.
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  • National Standards for Business Education: What America’s Students Should Know and Be Able to Do in Business REF HF1131 .N385 2007x
    NBEA developed this third edition of the National Standards for Business Education. This document is at the leading edge of business and career education. Numerous business educators and business professionals volunteered their time and expertise to review and revise these standards for what students should know and be able to do in business. These educators, who represent their colleagues at all instructional levels, believe strongly in the importance of the standards and consider them a major contribution to the improvement of both personal and career-directed education in this country.
  • The New York Public Library Business Desk Reference REF HF5547.5 .N5 1998
    Offers a wealth of facts, tips, and practical advice on a wide range of business-related topics, from drafting a proposal and purchasing office equipment to office etiquette and employee benefits, all organized into 100 convenient categories, and packed with sidebars, charts, tables, and lists. Also includes contact information for scores of service organizations; directories of consultants, executive recruiters, and government resources; sample press releases, business letters, and advertisements; and an expansive glossary of business, legal, and financial terms.
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  • Reading and Understanding the Financial Times REF HG4026 .B596 2008
    Incorporates a selection of topical Financial Times articles with recurrent themes relating to some of the most important issues in the world of corporate finance. The chosen articles are analysed in depth leaving you armed with a new vocabulary of key financial terms and ready to conduct your own analysis next time you read the FT for business or pleasure.
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  • World Business A Directory of 8,000+ Business Resources on the Internet
    REF HF54.56 .W37 2000

    From export manuals to automatic translators and online shipment trackers to virtual consultants, the directory spotlights more than 8,000 of the best export information and tools online. Global in scope, the index covers 230 countries and territories, and profiles the leading trade applications and services on the Web in each of the 50 American states and 10 Canadian provinces. Also provides 200+ Internet tips for global business people, and reviews the leading web-trade tools in 20 functional areas including training, sales, purchasing, banking, accounting, law, customs brokerage, and shipping.
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Business Statistics Print Resources

Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library. Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk. All reference materials are for in-library use only.

  • 2009 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook REF HC101 .U55 2009
    Describes over 100 major U.S. industries and 500+ minor industries. Features: 2009 establishments, employment and sales totals for each industry; 2010 forecast establishments, employment and sales totals; 5-year trend establishments and sales totals; Industry financial ratios such as sales per employees, sales per establishment and employees per establishment; 2008 establishments and sales totals for 500+ minor industries; Industry definitions and descriptions.
  • 2008 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook REF HC101 .U55 2008
  • Business Statistics of the United States: Patterns of Economic Change REF HC101 .A13122 2010
    A basic desk reference for anyone requiring statistics on the U.S. economy. It contains about 3500 economic time series in all, portraying the period since WWII in comprehensive detail, and, in the case of about 200 key series, the period from 1929 through 1948. The data are predominantly from federal government sources. Of equal importance to the data are the extensive background notes for each chapter, which help users to understand the data, use them appropriately, and, if desired, seek additional information from the source agencies.
  • Career Guide to Industries READY REF HF5382.5 .U5 C316 2008-2009 2010-11 EDITION AVAILABLE ONLINE
    Provides valuable information from an industry perspective for persons making career decisions. Topics covered include: Nature of the Industry, Working Conditions, Employment, Occupations in the Industry, Training and Advancement, Earnings, and Outlook.
  • Community Sourcebook of County Demographics READY REF HA203 .S65 2007 19th ed.
    Contains the most accurate demographic information based on ESRI’s release of the 2007 updates and 2012 forecasts of key population and income data. Updated variables for population, households, families, income, race, age and spending potential for a wide variety of products and services are included. Includes: CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area); U.S. County Information; Profile Sections; Business Data; Summaries; Demographic Update Methodology; Explanation of Variables; and County Maps.
  • Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics READY REF HA203 .S66 2007 21st ed.
    Contains the most accurate demographic information based on ESRI’s release of the 2007 updates and 2012 forecasts of key population and income data. Updated variables for population, households, families, income, race, age and spending potential for a wide variety of products and services are included. Contains: Residential and Non-Residential ZIP Codes; Profile Sections; Summaries; Explanation of Variables; Business Data; ESRI’s Segmentation System, Community Tapestry; Demographic and ZIP Code Update Methodologies; ZIP Code Ranges; and ZIP Code Maps.
  • The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs REF HA203 .C66 2005
    Covers 36 states (plus District of Columbia), 50 metropolitan areas and 2,400 suburban communities with populations of 10,000 or more. This third edition details and ranks the living and business environment of 2,400 suburban communities in America’s 50 largest metro areas.
  • County & City Data Book: 2007 READY REF HA202 .A36 2007 ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE
    Local area supplement to the Statistical Abstract of the United States. A convenient summary of statistics on the social and economic structure of the counties and cities of the U.S. It is designed to serve as a statistical reference and guide to other data publications and sources. Includes a selection of data from many statistical publications and electronic sources, both government and private.
  • County and City Extra: Annual Metro, City, and County Data Book READY REF HA203 .C68 2008
    Compiles information from many sources to provide key demographic and economic data for every U.S. state, county, metro area, and congressional district, as well as every city and town with a 2000 census population of 25,000 or more. Conveniently find data from 1980 to 2006 in easy-to-read tables about a variety of subjects, full-color U.S. maps on selected data topics, and information about geographic concepts and codes. In addition to the updated data, this edition includes 80 congressional district columns, with the newest columns including Agricultural Census data, as well as expanded household and poverty information.
  • County and City Extra: Annual Metro, City, and County Data Book REF HA203 .C68 2005
  • CQ’s State Fact Finder: Rankings Across America REF HA203 .C77 2007
    Congressional Quarterly. A valuable reference source for anyone looking to uncover trends in the states. Which states have the best schools? Which states offer the best tax incentives to business? How well is my state handling poverty-related issues? How does my state rank on crime? This easy-to-use volume presents comprehensive statistics on states and supplements them with interpretive resources and tools to help users make sense of the data. The “Subject Rankings” section constitutes the core of the volume, featuring more than 265 tables of data and rankings for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Datapedia of the United States, 1790-2005: America Year by Year REF HA202 .K87 2001
    Presents the most significant historical statistics of the U.S. in 23 selected areas from 1776 to 2000. In some areas, such as demography, where projections are possible, the data are extended to 2010. Based on Historical Statistics of the United States from Colonial Times and Statistical Abstract of the United States as well as data scattered in numerous other publications. Datapedia brings together in one source the best available data on the U.S. from 1770 to 2000. Serves as a complete and convenient statistical profile of the U.S. covering all its vital sectors.
    >>More Information About This Book
  • Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections REF HB849.49 .R875 2007
    A compilation of statistics that cannot be found in one single volume anywhere else, documenting the demographic and socioeconomic trends that have transformed the U.S. since 1950. A reference book for those who want perspective on the many changes in American life – a perspective critical for understanding what the 21st century will hold.
    >>More Information About This Book
  • European Marketing Data and Statistics 2002 REF HA1107 .E87 2002
    A compendium of statistical information on the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Provides a wealth of detailed statistical information relevant to international market planning. The data are presented in table form and a number of extrapolated tables have been included, together with graphs, marketing maps and diagrams. The data coverage includes a considerable number of long-term trendings (dating back to 1977 as available), which permit the analysis of socio-economic trends over a longer time span as a basis for forecasting.

  • Household Spending: Who Spends How Much On What REF HC110.C6 H68 2009
    Based on unpublished data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey, an ongoing, nationwide survey of household spending. The editors of New Strategist start with the average spending figures collected by the BLS and analyze them in a variety of ways, calculating household spending indexes, total household spending, and household market shares. They do this for hundreds of spending categories by age of householder, household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin of householder, region, and educational attainment of householder. Chapter 1 is devoted to summary household spending statistics. These are shown for consumer units by age, income, household type, region, race and Hispanic origin, and education. Chapters 2 through 11 present detailed spending statistics organized by major product and service category (food, housing, transportation, and so on) and include all typical household expenditures. Within each chapter, spending statistics are shown by age of householder, household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin of householder, region, and educational attainment of householder. For each of the demographic variables, tables show average spending, indexed spending, total (or aggregate) spending, and share of spending.
    Introduction; Table of Contents; Index; Sample Pages
  • Nations of the World: A Political, Economic & Business Handbook REF HF1010 .N37 2010
    This ninth edition profiles every nation and self-governing territory around the world in an easy-to-access, single-volume format. Political, economic and business information, supplemented by maps, charts and tables fill 1,870 pages. The 2010 edition offers tremendous insight into the living conditions, social standings and economic climates of 232 nations, from those in the news to those that seldom make headlines. Every country profile has been reviewed and updated. Dozens of contributors have written thoughtful and comprehensive country essays.
    Nations of the World
    is a reliable, careful compilation of essential information that is presented in a useful, organized format, a reference that is critical for anyone doing business or traveling overseas.
    >>More Information About This Book
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook READY REF HF5382.5 .U5 O23 2008-2009
    For hundreds of different types of jobs, the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you: the training and education needed; earnings; expected job prospects; what workers do on the job; working conditions. In addition, the Handbook gives you job search tips, links to information about the job market in each state, and more.
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide 2010 REF ATLAS G1019 .R22 2010 (2 volumes)
    Population, economic, and geographic data for more than 120,000 U.S. places, complete with large-scale, detailed maps. Brings together the most current economic and geographic information. With maps, tables and charts, the Atlas combines maximum demographic coverage of the U.S. with an authoritative interpretation of business data. Volume 1 includes an introduction to the Atlas, Economic Data section, Population Data section and Map section. Volume 2 includes Statistics by State and a State Index that includes references to the state maps in Volume 1.
  • The Societies of Europe: The European Population Since 1945 REF HB3581 .A3 R684 2005 (Includes CD-ROM)
    Covers the development of the European population from the end of World War II to the late 20th century. It is a comparative and historical data handbook with accompanying CD-ROM, presenting series data on demographic developments, population and household structures for the countries of Western and Central Europe.
    >>More Information About This Book
  • SRDS: The Lifestyle Market Analyst 2006 READY REF HF5415.33 .U6 L54 2006
    DMA Market Profiles, Lifestyle Profiles, Demographic Segment Profiles. Using profiles from over 15.2 million households, The Lifestyle Market Analyst gives you answers at every stage of your marketing plan, from selecting initial markets to deploying a promotional campaign. Not only does it break down the American population geographically and demographically, it also includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market.

  • State and Metropolitan Area Data Book: 2010 READY REF HA2002 .S84 ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE
    Complete source of comprehensive and useful information about the nation’s individual states and metropolitan areas. It includes: • Complete listing and data for all metropolitan areas, including micropolitan areas • The latest population estimates for all areas • New rankings that highlight the findings and trends • A new guide to state and key federal sources of information • New cost of living indicator table for states • Complete descriptions, source citations, and other important information about the data.
  • State and Metropolitan Area Data Book: 2006 REF HA2002 .S84: 2006 ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State REF HA214 .S836 2010x
    This comprehensive reference provides a wealth of authoritative data on key demographic and economic indicators for each U.S. state and the District of Columbia. Each state is covered by a compact standardized chapter that allows for easy comparisons and timely analysis between the states. The data comes from a variety of sources including: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation, International Trade Administration, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Agriculture.
    More Information About This Book
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States READY REF HA202 .A22 2008 2011 EDITION AVAILABLE ONLINE
    Previous years back to 1885 are in reference collection at HA202 .A22. The standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the U.S. It is designed to serve as a convenient volume for statistical reference and as a guide to other statistical publications and sources. Includes a selection of data from many statistical sources, both government and private.
  • The Who, What, and Where of America: Understanding the American Community Survey
    REF HA201.122 .W48 2010

    Covers each U.S. state, county, metropolitan area, and city with a population of 20,000 or more. The American Community Survey (ACS) is ushering in the most substantial change in the decennial census in more than sixty years, it will replace the decennial census long form in 2010 and collect long-form-type information annually rather than only once every ten years, providing more current data throughout the decade. The new ACS estimates combine three years of survey responses (2005-2007) to produce data. This is the first update for communities with populations between 20,000 and 65,000 since the decennial census.
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Business Directories

Ready Reference materials are held at the Reference Desk. Reference materials are shelved alphabetically by call number in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library.

  • Telephone Directories for the following areas are kept at the Reference Desk: Youngstown/Warren; Akron; Cincinnati; Dayton; Harrisburg/Hershey; Lake Milton; Pittsburgh; Salem/Lisbon/Columbiana; Trumbull County; Lawrence & Mercer.
  • 2011 Harris Ohio Industrial Directory READY REF HD9727 .O3 O37 2011
    Statistical Information: Analysis of employment, establishments and classifications of companies by county, SIC and rank. Geographic Section: Companies sorted by city in alphabetical order; In-depth company data listed. Standard Industrial Classifications: Alphabetical index of classification descriptions; Numerical index of classification descriptions; Companies sorted by SIC product groupings. Alphabetic Section: Company listings in alphabetical order. Product Index: Product categories listed in alphabetical order. Product Section: Companies sorted by product and manufacturing service classifications.
  • Craighead’s International Business, Travel, and Relocation Guide to 84 Countires
    REF HF5549.5 .E45 C73 2000x (4 volumes)
    Provides information necessary to understand and evaluate the political, economic, and business environment and everyday living conditions of foreign destinations. Important topics include a general country orientation; an economic and political overview; money, banking and tax matters; business customs and protocol for meetings and entertainment; health and safety concerns; pre-departure regulations; visa and work permits; “settling-in” issues; residential areas; typical housing; international schools; social etiquette and clubs; and costs of goods and services, schools and housing, among other subjects.
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Dun & Bradstreet Publications

Mergent Publications


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