Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic was in the news this week as an example of preventative care.  Time magazine focused on programs by Cleveland Clinic designed to help promote overall health and healthy living.  These programs include steps such as  creating a chief wellness officer, and a chief experience officer.  One of the most influential programs has […]

Professional Facebook

As a college student, I joined Facebook for fun.  However, I have recently begun to explore the world of professional Facebook.  No, it’s not a separate application or website, but for me it is very different.  The Facebook account from my college years  has a slew of pictures, videos, friends, and posts about nothing in […]

Health Care Reform Update

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the next development in Health Care Reform.  A report issued by Obama’s economic advisory group focuses on  the economics of our health care system.  The aim would be to reduce spending by $2 trillion over the next 10 years which would add about 2% to the real gross […]