Welcome Week 2009

This week marks the beginning of a new school year and a new semester.  The library celebrated these events by giving away numerous small prizes on our carnival prize wheel, handing out free nachos and cheese, and encouraging students to get their library barcode.   By entering their barcode in a drawing, the students were able […]

Library Policies

Here at Maag Library we have a number of policies in place that are designed to make the library accessible to students and faculty while providing equal service in all situations.  Since it is the beginning of a new semester, I thought it might be beneficial to elaborate on some of the policies that affect […]

Preemies, The Infant Mortality Rate, and Health Care

I read an article this week about how premature babies comprise half of all infant deaths.  The theory that researchers developed then, was if they could reduce the number of premature births, they could reduce the infant mortality rate.  The first step was to find a way to reduce premature births.  To do this, they […]