The Expanding Role of the Nurse Practitioner

I read on the Associated Press today that many states, 28 to be precise, are considering legislation to expand the role of nurse practitioners to include unsupervised primary care.  Naturally, the AMA is fighting the legislation on the grounds that it endangers the lives of patients and because of the confusion it may cause.  Nurses, […]

America’s Health Rankings

The title of this entry is a website called America’s Health Rankings.( This site ranks states according to various health measures, and ranks the measures according to the state.  For example, If you are looking for statistics on diabetes, you can see the percent of each states population that is diagnosed with the disease, and […]

YSU Nursing Symposium

On this past Friday we held the second annual Nursing Symposium at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum.  This year’s focus was on evidence-based medicine in nursing practice.  We had a number of nurses from all around the mahoning valley and many YSU nursing students.  The attendees learned about advanced practice nursing, implementing EBM practices in […]