Medical Advancements of the Civil War

This past Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given at the Rose Melinick Medical Meseum by Dr. Peter D’onofrio.  Dr. D’onofrio gave the lecture in an authentic Union dress uniform. He spoke about the rapid advancements in military medicine that were made during this time out of necessity. Before the Civil […]

Drug Pricing Gets Political

An article in TIME this week highlighted the pharmaceutical company KV Pharmaceuticals.  They recently released news that they would be selling a newly engineered progesterone drug for more than 150 times the cost of competitors.  The drug was used for many years as a hormone replacement when a clinical trial discovered that it could also […]

Health Literacy Tools

A recent article from the kaiser foundation focused on health literacy.   Health literacy has been getting more attention recently because of a 2007 study that showed it can add up to $238 billion to national health care costs annually.  This article explains about the different types of health literacy, from basic reading skills to applying […]