Historical Medical Posters

I had a wonderful website emailed to me from the medical librarian email list that contained a digital collection of historical medical posters from the 1940’s on.  Yale University and the Harvey Cushing/ John Hay Whitney Medical Library have compiled an excellent collection of authentic medical posters complete with digital images and original publishing information. […]

Variety in US Life Expectancy

CBS reported this week on an interesting trend in life expectancy.  While the US average for life expectancy is still increasing, in many counties throughout the country, it is actually falling.  Some of the theories outlined in the article include a shift in population to areas where health care is more available or more affordable, […]

Googling Tips

If there is one thing I have come to expect in my years of teaching library instruction, it is that when students get frustrated they will always turn to Google.  As often as I encourage them to use more scholarly resources, I feel that they should also be able to use such a widely know […]