Health Effects of Financial Crisis

Comment Icon0 The financial crisis in Greece has been in the newspapers almost continuously over the past few months.  Ever since 2008, Greece has been experiencing a steadily rising unemployment rate that grew from around 6% to more than 16%.  With massive joblessness and national debt, the Greek citizens have had to face more than money troubles.  Many people are not seeking medical care when needed, but it is not directly linked to income.

Comment Icon0 The Greek health care system provides both general practitioners and outpatient clinics free of charge.  However, with the financial issues throughout the country, many hospital budgets have been cut by 40%.    Patients that reported not seeking medical attention cited long wait times and travel distance.  These factors illuminate how very complex providing health care is.  Even in a country where medical care is provided for all citizens, the financial crises has still affected access and ability to provide that care.

Comment Icon0 The full articles are available at the links below.  The Lancet article is available in full text online by clicking on the PDF full text link.

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