Health Literacy in Videos

Comment Icon0 With another Health Literacy Month upon us, I started trying to think of new ways to present the information.   Last year we held a workshop with the YSU wellness center to promote health literacy and give YSU employees some tools to help them communicate better.  Today’s focus will be on tools that you can be used in classes to demonstrate the need for improved health literacy and methods that all health students should be exposed to.  Refer to the list below to see videos that give an overview of the problem, and some methods for health professionals to communicate effectively.

Comment Icon0 Overview and importance of health literacy:

Comment Icon0 Harvard Public Health Overview –

Comment Icon0 National Adult Literacy Association Overview –

Comment Icon0 University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center –

Comment Icon0 American Medical Association, Real Patient Examples –

Comment Icon0 Communication Skills:

Comment Icon0 Teach Back Method –

Comment Icon0 Plain Language Communication –

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