New Maag Library Website Goes Live

A new website design has been in the works in Maag library for 18 months and went live on May 11, 2012.  This hew design implements homepage searching for not only the book catalog, but also the most commonly used article database Academic Search Complete, Maag journal finder, and the general website.  To create an […]

Predatory Open Access Publishers

I regularly receive emails asking about open access journals and whether they should be trusted, if they are peer reviewed, etc.  I am normally a strong advocate for open access publishing because it allows for greater circulation of information and does not support the costly publishing model of traditional publishing.  However, since many open access […]

Tracking Antibiotic use in Hospitals

The CDC has introduced new software for tracking antibiotic use in hospitals.  Until recently, this capability was only available to doctor’s offices.  However, now that it has been added to the national healthcare safety network, it can easily be integrated with hospitals that are already part of the network. Antibiotic over use has led to […]

Health Literacy in Videos

With another Health Literacy Month upon us, I started trying to think of new ways to present the information.   Last year we held a workshop with the YSU wellness center to promote health literacy and give YSU employees some tools to help them communicate better.  Today’s focus will be on tools that you can be […]

Health Effects of Financial Crisis

The financial crisis in Greece has been in the newspapers almost continuously over the past few months.  Ever since 2008, Greece has been experiencing a steadily rising unemployment rate that grew from around 6% to more than 16%.  With massive joblessness and national debt, the Greek citizens have had to face more than money troubles.  […]

Nurse Practitioners on the rise

The nursing program here at YSU will usher in a new set of students this fall: Family Nurse Practitioner students.  In an addition to the nursing masters program, these students will learn the in’s and out’s of practicing as an FNP.  An article released by e-Med News highlights some of the interesting facts many of […]

Melnick Video Series

Cassie Nespor at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum has begun a series of videos that cover topics on the history of medicine.  This first video is a recipe to cure a patient of a tapeworm infestation.  The video makes medical history come to life as Cassie concocts the tonic and informs us about how it […]

Obesity video

The CDC released a new video this week on their Facebook page that really illustrates the complexity behind the obesity epidemic.  It covers everything from larger portions and eating out more often, to lack of opportunity for physical activity in our daily lives and lack of health options in low income areas.  This video would […]

Alternative to Peer Review

In an article published by Inside Higher Ed, Steve Kolowich described the current attitude in academia as shifting favorably toward the open access.  The creation of a new open access journal in the health sciences will only use one round of peer review.  Kolowich takes that notion one step further by suggesting that peer review […]

Pediatricians Require Vaccines

The ongoing controversy over opting out of childhood vaccinations has found a new voice.  Even after the original link between autism and vaccines was found to be fraudulent, many parents continue to challenge pediatricians over vaccinating their children.  Some pediatricians, however, have decided to ask those patients who choose not to vaccinate to find another […]