Film Music (2617)

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Comment Icon0 This guide is specifically for Film Music 2617 and will assist in finding research information on music in the film industry (USA and international).

Comment Icon0 The following are a few examples of subject headings related to film music which you may find useful when searching or browsing in MaagNet.
motion picture music
motion picture music–bibliography
motion picture music–excerpts
motion picture music–history and criticism
motion pictures and music
musical films
musical films–history and criticism
musical films–united states–history and criticism
silent film music

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The following are selected call number ranges where film music materials may be found.
M 1527.2 – film music scores
ML 102 .M75 – dictionaries of film music
ML 410 .A-.Z – biographies of individual composers
ML 2075 – film music history & criticism
MT 64 .M65 – film music instruction & study
MT 737 – film music instruction & study
PN 1995.9 .M86 – musical films
Z 6814 .M7 – film music bibliographies

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