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Comment Icon0 “M” is the call number designation for music. Generally, books about music are located in Maag Library on floor 5 and scores are on floor 3. The MMC houses sound/video recordings plus special recording equipment, please contact Alyssa Jordan, MMC Librarian at 2382 or

Library of Congress Classification Schedule for Music:

M Music

* M2 Collections of musical scores

* M3 Collected works of individual composers

* M5-1490 Instrumental music

o M180-298 Duets

o M300-386 Trios

o M400-486 Quartets

o M500-586 Quintets

o M600-686 Sextets

o M700-786 Septets

o M800-886 Octets

o M900-986 Nonets, large combinations of chamber music

* M 1000-1160 Orchestra

* M1495-5000 Vocal Music

* M1497-1998 Secular Vocal Music

* M1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music

ML Literature on Music

* ML62-90 Musician’s writings

* ML100-109 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

* ML112.8-158.8 Bibliography

* ML159-3775 History and criticism

* ML410 Biography

* ML430-455 Composition

* ML459-1380 Instruments and instrumental music

* ML1400-3275 Vocal music

* ML3400-3465 Dance music

* ML3469-3541 Popular music

* ML3544-3775 National music

* ML3800-3923 Philosophy and physics of music

MT Musical Instruction and Study

* MT1-5 History and criticism

* MT5.5-7 Music theory

* MT40-67 Composition

* MT68 Improvisation, Accompaniment, Transposition

* MT70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration

* MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation

* MT170-810 Instrumental techniques

* MT820-915 Singing and vocal technique

* MT918-948 School music

* MT955-956 Musical theater

“It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.
–J.S. Bach

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