Patron Account Problems

Comment Icon0 Recently we have been getting a number of questions from faculty and students about problems related to their library accounts. Often problems show up when the individual tries to log into Peer Diagnosis and they get a message that says that the request to log in was denied.

Comment Icon0 Every year Maag Library imports its patron information from other authoritative YSU computer systems. This is, for example, how we know who is registered and thus who can use our services. For students, we previously imported the data from M204. This year is a bit different since we are now importing data from Banner for the first time. Every import from another system has differences that have to be discovered and corrected. Errors in this Banner import are often the source of the problems we are now observing.

Comment Icon0 If you are having trouble with your account, please call Maag Circulation at 330-941-3678 and we will work to resolve your problem. In the mean time, find out how long a dose of lsd stay in your system.

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