Library Closed for Martin Luther King Day


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Maag Library Spring Semester Hours


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Donate Gen Ed Textbooks to Maag & Receive 4 FREE Athletic Tickets!


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Maag Library Winter Break Hours


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Finals Week Extended Hours & Refreshments


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Study Break Snowflakes in the MMC

SnowflakesDo you need a study break? Stop by the Multimedia Center on the 3rd floor of Maag Library and make a paper snowflake! We have everything you need, including instructions and templates.

Even just five minutes of snowflake making will use the creativity and dexterity parts of your brain, giving your informational and research-focused parts a rest.

When you’re done, we will display them around the MMC (unless you want to take them with you).

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

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MLA Citation Style 8th Edition

mla_8thThe Eighth Edition of the MLA Handbook came out this year. This is the book that tells you the proper way to format your citations and even your paper in the MLA style.

Our CITATIONS LibGuide has been updated to address all the new changes. Visit to see examples of how to write your citations.

If your professor prefers that you use the 7th edition because the 8th edition is so new, obviously follow your professor’s instructions.

Some of the most noticeable changes include:

  • You can cite anything the same way, regardless of format. No more “how do I cite a DVD or an online photo?”
  • The format is no longer included at the end of the citation.
  • The publisher location is no longer included.
  • Volume and issue numbers for articles are now spelled out like this: vol. 24, no. 2
  • So are page numbers: p. 132 or pp. 45-47

Visit our LibGuide to learn more and see examples that you can use to construct your own “Works Cited” page.

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Earth as Art

Earth as Art

Earth as Art 4

“Landsat 8 is the latest addition to the long-running series of Earth-observing satellites in the Landsat program that began in 1972. The images featured in this fourth installment of the Earth As Art collection were all acquired by Landsat 8. They show our planet’s diverse landscapes with remarkable clarity.

Landsat satellites see the Earth as no human can. Not only do they acquire images from the vantage point of space, but their sensors record infrared as well as visible wavelengths of light. The resulting images often reveal “hidden” details of the Earth’s land surface, making them invaluable for scientific research.

As with previous Earth As Art exhibits, these Landsat images were selected solely for their aesthetic appeal. Many of the images have been manipulated to enhance color variations or details. They are not intended for scientific interpretation—only for your viewing pleasure. What do you see in these unique glimpses of the Earth’s continents, islands, and coastlines?”

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Welcome Week @ Maag Library

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Maag Library August Break Hours

Maag Library August Break Hours

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