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Industry Research Web Resources

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  • Hoover’s Industry Overviews
    Concise historical and current overviews of the major industries, touching on major players and market share, projected sales, and trends.
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  • Industry Portals / Industry Hubs
    These Portals are major sources of information for over 100 U.S. industries. They provide rapid access to vast amounts of information for those in the industry, researchers, investors, market research professionals, and inventors. They often include industry news, statistics and sometimes include B2B (Business to Business) commerce.
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  • Industry Research Desk
    Provides tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing processes.
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  • Industry Information Resources
    A free resource guide to industry-specific resources and data for over 350 industries. Individual pages for each industry list resources and data available from trade associations, industry publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends and outlook, industry financial information and financial ratios, compensation and salary surveys, and business valuation resources.

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