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Company & Industry Reference Resources

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  • 2009 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook: National Edition
    REF HC101 .U55 2009
    Describes over 100 major U.S. industries and 500+ minor industries. Features: 2009 establishments, employment and sales totals for each industry; 2010 forecast establishments, employment and sales totals; 5-year trend establishments and sales totals; Industry financial ratios such as sales per employees, sales per establishment and employees per establishment; 2008 establishments and sales totals for 500+ minor industries; Industry definitions and descriptions.
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  • Business Rankings Annual REF HG4050 .B88 2007 (one volume + 1989-2007 Cumulative Index)
    Nearly 5,000 relevant and timely rankings organized by industry. The “top ten” from each ranking appears in this volume, grouped under standard subject headings for easy browsing. Includes an Outline of Contents, SIC to NAICS Conversion Guide, and Bibliography of Sources.
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  • Encyclopedia of American Industries REF HC102 .E53 2011 (3 volumes)
    Provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business. Volume 1 provides separate coverage of 459 manufacturing industries. Volume 2 presents approximately 320 essays covering a vast array of industries, including agriculture, mining, construction, wholesale and retail. Volume 3 covers nearly 230 essays on the topics of finance, insurance, real estate, service industries, and public administration. Combined, these 3 volumes provide individual essays on every industry recognized by the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. Additionally, each entry in this edition includes the corresponding North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code(s).
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  • Encyclopedia of American Industries REF HC102 .E53 2007 (2 volumes)
    Provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business. Volume 1 provides separate coverage of 459 manufacturing industries. Volume 2 presents 545 essays covering the vast array of service and other non-manufacturing industries in the U.S. Combined, these two volumes provide individual essays on every industry recognized by the SIC system. Both volumes are arranged numerically by SIC code. Additionally, each entry includes the corresponding NAICS code(s).
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  • Encyclopedia of Global Industries REF HD2324 .E53 2007
    Presents a look at business sectors of global significance. Includes 125 articles in 23 chapters and offers thorough studies of some of the biggest and most frequently researched industry segments. All essays are focused and highly readable, and provide a wealth of relevant, current, factual data previously available only through a variety of diverse sources. All essays include standard category topics, including: Industry Snapshot, Organization & Structure, Background & Development, Current Conditions, Research & Technology, Work Force, Industry Leaders, Major Countries in the Industry, and Further Reading.
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  • Handbook of Industry Profiles 2009: Analysis and Trends for 300 Industries (Hoover’s) REF HD2328 .H36 2009
    Get an overview of each industry’s competitive landscape. Learn about product, operations, and technology issues. Edge out competitors by using the call preparation questions. Discover critical challenges facing the industry. Gain an understanding of the sales and marketing processes typical of the industry. Get an overview of human resources issues and see trends in industry employment growth and average hourly earnings. Find links to important industry Web sites. Get quick industry insights with the Fast Facts feature. Discover the largest and fastest-growing companies in the industry with lists from Hoover’s company database. Identify the SIC and NAICS codes for the industry.
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  • Handbook of Industry Profiles 2008: Analysis and Trends for 300 Industries (Hoover’s) REF HD2328 .H36 2008
    The profiles feature: Industry Overview; Competitive Landscape; Products, Operations and Technology; Sales and Marketing; Human Resources; Call Preparation Questions; Web Links and Acronyms; Critical Business Challenges; Fast Facts; Industry Employment Growth; Average Hourly Earnings. The companies in the lists that accompany each industry profile were chosen from the Hoover’s database of company information. The lists were created to represent an overall snapshot of each industry, to give an idea of the major U.S. participants and the size of the industry.
    >>About the Handbook of Industry Profiles 2008 & List of Industries Covered
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  • Market Share Reporter: An Annual Compilation of Reported Market Share Data on Companies, Products, and Services REF HF5410 .M35 2008 (2 volumes)
    Presents market share data on over four thousand companies, and 2,500 products, facilities, and brands. Several entries are usually available under each industry. A compilation of market share reports from periodical literature. The 2008 edition provides market share information on domestic and international markets. Entries are arranged under both SIC and NAICS codes. Entries in MSR fall into four broad categories: Corporate Market Shares; Institutional Shares; Brand Market Shares; and Product, Commodity, Service, and Facility Shares.
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  • Mergent Industry Review REF HG4961 .M68 (semiannual publication)
    A comprehensive statistical reference containing key financial information, operating data, and ratios on approximately 4,000 companies. Arranged by industry, in 137 industry groups. Companies are listed according to industry goup and data includes: Comparative Statistics, Ranking Within Each Industry, and Growth Rates.
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  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Online publication from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Provides information on what workers do; working conditions; education, training, and other qualifications; pay; job outlook; similar occupations; and sources of additional information, for 341 occupational profiles covering 85 percent of the jobs in the economy.
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  • Principal International Businesses: The World Marketing Directory 2009/2010
    REF HF54 .U5 P74 2009/2010
    A world market directory presenting up-to-date information on approximately 50,000 leading enterprises throughout the world. The book is divided into 3 sections. Every company appearing in the directory is listed in each section. Section 1: Businesses Geographically; Section II: Businesses by Industry Classification; Section III: Businesses Alphabetically.
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  • Standard & Poor’s 500 Guide: 2008 Edition REF HG4057 .A4758 2008
    Includes: Summaries of each company’s business activity, sales history, and recent developments; Earnings and dividends data, with 3-year price charts; Exclusive Standard & Poor’s Quality Rankings (from A+ to D). In addition, unique at-a-glance charts detail: Stocks with A+ Quality Rankings; Companies with 5 consecutive years of earnings increases – a key indicator of strong long term performance; Companies with 10 consecutive years of increasing dividends.
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  • Statistical Abstract of the United States READY REF HA202 .A22 2008 2012 EDITION AVAILABLE ONLINE
    Previous years back to 1885 are in reference collection at HA202 .A22. The standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the U.S. It is designed to serve as a convenient volume for statistical reference and as a guide to other statistical publications and sources. Includes a selection of data from many statistical sources, both government and private.
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Financial Ratio Reference Resources

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  • Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios: 2011 Edition / Leo Troy
    READY REF HF5681.R25 A45 2011 (Held at Reference Desk)
    This comprehensive resource puts 50 comparative performance indicators at the practitioner’s command and covers all of North America using NAICS data. Provides financial information that is calculated and derived from the latest available IRS data on over five million U.S. and international companies. Gives you accurate performance data for 50 operating and financial factors in nearly 200 industries. Data for each industry is divided into 13 categories based on company size, so you’ll find a precise industry-wide benchmark against which to measure any company’s performance.
    Previous issues (1992 through 2010) can be found in General Collection OVERSIZE HF5681 .R25 A45 (Floor 3A).
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  • Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios: Statistics on Over 800 Lines of Business / Dun & Bradstreet
    READY REF HF5681 .R25 I53 2009-2010 (Held at Reference Desk)
    Calculations of the Industry Norms; Calculation of the 14 Key Business Ratios; Industry Norms for Financial Analysis; and Applications by Functional Areas. Made possible through over one million financial statements in the D&B Financial Information Base. This file consists of U.S. corporations, partnerships and proprietorships both public and privately owned, in all size ranges, and includes over 800 different lines of business as defined by the U.S. SIC code numbers.
    Previous issues (1982/1983 through 2008/2009) can be found in the Reference Room REF HF5681 .R25 I53.
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  • RMA Annual Statement Studies: Financial Ratio Benchmarks 2010/2011 / Risk Management Association
    READY REF HF5681.B2 R6 2010/2011 (Held at Reference Desk)
    The industry standard for comparison financial data. Features data for over 710 industries derived directly from more than 190,000 statements of financial institutions’ borrowers and prospects.
    Previous issues (1974 through 2009/2010) can be found in the General Collection HF5681 .B2 R6 (Floor 3A).

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