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Comment Icon0 The Establishment of the Ohio Council for Holocaust Education

Comment Icon0 Created in 1986 by an executive order of Governor Celeste, the Ohio Council on Holocaust Education (OCHE) is an organization dedicated to expanding and improving Holocaust and genocide education in Ohio and throughout the country. To accomplish its objective, the 501(c)3 nonprofit OCHE provides educators with accurate, relevant and useful materials for teaching about the Holocaust and genocide. Since its inception, OCHE has done much to support and promote Holocaust Education in Ohio. The Ohio Council on Holocaust Education published a Holocaust curriculum, “The Holocaust: Prejudice Unleashed” (2nd, rev. ed. 1994), edited by Dr. Leatrice Rabinsky and Carol Danks. This acclaimed teaching resource is popular with educators across the nation. OCHE has trained over 800 teachers at its workshops at colleges and universities throughout the state. OCHE now focuses on serving as a clearinghouse of information on Holocaust education opportunities and other resources to middle and high school teachers throughout the state.

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