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Comment Icon0 Campus-wide assessment dialogues continue with ongoing roundtable sessions. Five roundtable sessions have occurred since 2009, with more than 40 faculty, advisors, administrators, and students participating at most gatherings. The first roundtable (May 2009) enabled campus units and committees to share information on goals and activities. The second roundtable (November 2009) focused on definitions of “urban-research university” and what that designation (in the state’s Strategic Plan for Higher Education and YSU’s revised mission statement) might mean to YSU.  The third roundtable (May 2010) centered on challenges that students commonly face in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need, as well as the role of university education in preparing students for multiple jobs and careers. The fourth roundtable session (January 28, 2011) focused on the purpose of the Evidence Inventory that was originally planned for February 2011 (but was postponed because of inclement weather). The fifth roundtable Session (September 2011) focused on discussing the quality of student writing and any potential policy implications. A sixth roundtable Session, planned for April 2012, will discuss student engagement in successful academic advisement.

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