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Ohio History

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Ohio History Print Resources

Comment Icon0 Listed below are some of the print resources available in the general collection of Maag Library that relate to Ohio history. General collection books are shelved alphabetically by call number on floors 3-6A. To determine on which floor of the library your item is shelved, use the Building Guide online or signs posted in the Reference Room and by the elevators. Other books and materials about Ohio history can be found through MaagNet, the Maag Library online catalog.

Ohio History on the Web

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  • The Evolution of Ohio
    Ohio Public Library Information Network & The Ohio Historical Society. This site provides information about the eleven major territories in Ohio such as: economic patterns; population trends; migratory patterns; historical information. The site is set up so that comparisons can be made between the different territories.
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  • Ohio Exploration Society
    OES is a group of urban explorers who visit both well-known historical locations and those forgotten over time. Members of the OES photograph and research locations that include everything from abandoned buildings to rural cemeteries to ancient Indian mounds to wonders of nature.
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  • Ohio Memory: An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History
    The Ohio Historical Society & State Library of Ohio. Discover 26,000 primary sources from 330 archives, historical societies, libraries, and museums that document Ohio’s past from prehistory through the present.
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  • Youngstown State University Oral History Digital Collection
    The YSU Oral History Collection, begun in 1974, collects and preserves first-person narratives of northeastern Ohioans who have participated in, or closely observed events, which have significantly affected both the state and nation. The collection houses over eleven hundred interviews including personal narratives focusing on World War II, Vietnam, Youngstown College (University), Greek, Puerto Rican, Romanian, Russian and Italian culture, industry (steel, pottery, brick, labor relations, coal, and railroads), politics, the Holocaust, and religion.

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