OhioLINK Service Update from Sanville

Comment Icon0 All- its time for a full update on the restoration of our content and services since the the November time frame. You will see the major services which we rely on and where we load data are mostly complete and service availability is stable. The DRC is a notable exception and you will note other service restorations that are still in progress and we are working with Oarnet to correct these. But a great deal has been done. Thanks for your patience. tom

Comment Icon0 Sorry, again today, for the cross-postings. Just that kind of day.

Comment Icon0 Central Catalog: All functions and queues being managed properly by III and staff. Lending priorities were updated at the turn of the new year.

Comment Icon0 EJC: Electronic Journal Center
All loading and indexing on the EJC is up-to-date, with the exception of Biomed
Central which we are working on. All other publishers’ content is coming in and
getting loaded.

Comment Icon0 EBC: Electronic Book Center
Springer and Oxford-OSO are up-to-date, which of course get the vast majority of use. Still to go – ABC-CLIO (they changed DTD format-we need to re-write the loader-2 weeks), Gale(by next Wednesday), Oxford-DRS (only 3 titles) and Sage(waiting for vendor to send new files).

Comment Icon0 OSearch Reference Databases:
All databases are current except Compendex. Waiting on files from the vendor.

Comment Icon0 DRC: Digital Resource Commons
*Since the November 10, 2009 new content for pre-existing DRC institutional instances have not been loaded. We are still waiting for staff access to be restored and additional disk space assigned. No new DRC instances can be created in-house until more servers are allocated. *Since February 2009 we have provided for five new DRC institutional instances through use of the Amazon Cloud but still have requests for additional instances. We are still waiting additional servers and disk space to be assigned.
*The Naxos audio files are still waiting disk space to be assigned to the DRC.
*Without our development staff restored we have not loaded or tested the new DSpace 1.6 software. Since the DRC is the largest D-Space repository in the United States (and second largest in the world) it is critical that we have at our disposal the latest version of the D-Space software.

Comment Icon0 DVC: Digital Video Collection
Approximately 200 videos have been converted by Ohio State, with more coming in the pipeline, and are awaiting loading into the DVC. Developer staff are needed to complete the conversion capabilities before the video can be batch loaded.

Comment Icon0 LANDSAT:
Retrieval of full-size LANDSAT images is not functioning (broken software). Additions to the LANDSAT image collection are not occurring.

Comment Icon0 EAD: Arcives Collection Finding Aid Repository
Still unable to accept contributions from 30 academic libraries, historical societies, special and public libraries, and museums statewide.

Comment Icon0 Blackwell Tables of Contents:
We have not loaded new TOC files to the Central Catalog since Nov 10, estimate 7000+ missing TOCs. We have not distributed TOC data to 33 systems (serving 59 institutions) since early November.

Comment Icon0 Brittle books:
OSU unable to contribute 250 new book PDF’s.

Comment Icon0 OhioLINK web pages/Ostaff library admin pages: We cannot yet load corrections and updates for user Help pages or for library staff information pages. We know this negatively affects a variety of regular library activities (e.g KnowItNow statewide schedule, 2010 license terms and title adjustments).

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