New YSU Documentary to Air Three times In April

Western Reserve History Circle April 2012 edition


   Ash and Smoke: The Holocaust in Salonika  will be televised  three times in April on our local PBS  stations from Western Reserve Public Media,  Channels 45.1 and 45.2.  The producers wish to thank the many talented people here at YSU who helped bring this story to television.   The film is also available on DVD and may be borrowed at the Maag Library MultiMedia center.

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Ash and Smoke: The Holocaust in Salonika now available at Maag

Dr. Saul Friedman’s  latest film is now available for check out from the Maag Multimedia Center.

A joint effort of YSU’s Maag Library, History Department and the Department of Media & Academic Computing, the one hour documentary had its public premiere at West Chester University in Pennsylvania last fall.   The production is also scheduled to be broadcast  by Public Television’s  Western Reserve Public Media  during the 2011-12 season. (Main channel 45.1 and Fusion channel 45.2)

According to the records of the Greek government, 56,500 Jewish citizens lived in the city of Salonika on the eve of the Holocaust.   By December 1944 only three remained.  This is their story–and by extension–it is the story of the Jews of Greece.

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University Librarian’s Photography Now at the Butler Museum of American Art

Be sure to check out the photographic exhibit of  retired University Librarian, Dr. David Genaway at the Butler Museum of American Art now through the month of  April  on the second floor  of the museum’s  southern addition.  The museum is located next to Maag Library and also  currently  presents former YSU photographer  Carl Leet’s  entry in the Regional Art show,  “Clean Sweep”.  Our Broadcast Technician,   Dan McCormick  of Media and Academic Computing is the subject of the work.Regional photography exhibit

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Hawks Return for 5th Year! 3 Babies Born!

May 14 on view at Maag's 6th Level

For the fifth consecutive year,  Maag Library provides a unique vantage point to view the growth of  a red-shouldered hawk family.  The east side sixth floor windows facing Wick Avenue provide an unusual angle  above the nest so visitors may see inside. For the second year in a row, three chicks were hatched over an early weekend of May.   They grow quickly,  so do try to visit as they will stay together only until mid June.

Mom trys to teach good grooming habits.

May 24

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Microform Center adds the Youngstown Business Journal Archive

Review the early years, August 1984 to December 1995

Maag Library invites you to explore the first decade of the Mahoning Valley publication dedicated to the news and promotion of local business.  First published in 1984 as the Youngstown Business Journal,  its successor, the Youngstown/Warren Business Journal, and  its current title,  The Business Journal , are included in the microfilm archive covering the years 1984-1995.  The collection is located in the Microform Center (Third Level) at the call number Microfilm X2012.   Current issues are available at the Maag Reading Corner in the Reference Room (Main Level)  and at the publication web site,

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Need a Unique Gift? Try Old Youngstown

Looking for something different?
Stop in the Microform Center on Maag’s third level to view bird’s eye maps of Youngstown from 1870 and 1882. Examine how the city more than doubled in size as steel mills grew along the Mahoning River where the Chevrolet Center now stands. Artists in the late 19th century literally walked down the streets of American cities and sketched individual structures to create these fascinating portraits of imaginary aerial views.
Youngstown’s 1870 map may be purchased for only $6.00 at the circulation desk on Maag’s main level. Measuring 18 by 22 inches in size, it is suitable for framing and would make an unusual gift for a special someone.

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Hawks Return! 3 Babies born!

For the fourth consecutive year,  Maag Library provides a unique vantage point to view the growth of  a red-shouldered hawk family.  The east side sixth floor windows facing Wick Avenue provide an unusual angle  above the nest so visitors may see inside.   At least three babies were hatched over the weekend of May 2nd and as they grow quickly, do try to visit as they will stay together until mid June. 

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From City Hall to the White House

2009 ushers in a new era in American politics with the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States. Examine some of the personalities and pathfinders who paved the way for this historic milestone with a new Spring 2009 class offering,
History 3731: History of African-American Mayors.
Join Dr. Fred Viehe as he examines the political careers of black political pioneers such as Cleveland’s Carl Stokes, the first African-American mayor of a large city, Tom Bradley(Los Angeles), Harold Washington(Chicago), Andrew Young(Atlanta), Coleman Young(Detroit) and others. Examine the players in the political process starting with the Cleveland election in 1967 that has led to the White House 42 years later.
As part of your research, you are welcome to discover primary sources such as the Vindicator, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Los Angeles Times, Amsterdam News, and many others in the Microform Center on Maag’s third level near Jazzman’s cafe. Remember, free paper or digitial copies can be made of microform materials. Ask at the microforms desk for assistance.

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Spreading our wings: Red-shouldered hawk update

The hawk triplets are almost ready to leave Maag and begin their adult lives. They no longer fit in the nest and can be seen trying out their new wings with brief flights or sitting in a row on a branch near the nest. Stop in and see them before they are gone for another year.
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Hawk update: What’s for dinner? REAL FOOD!

The Maag chicks are growing quickly on a diet of mice, snakes, and in this case, it appears to be a small bird. Note that the feathers are coming in and the great height that the nest is above the ground. We are fortunate that we can view the nest from above from our sixth floor window perch. Stop in and see the show before the babies leave the nest.

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