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Microforms Information Services Librarian
Maag Level Three
Tel: 330-941-1719                                 Overview

Over one million items are contained in the Microform Center located near  Jazzman’s  and the Multimedia Center,
on Maag Library’s  Level 3.
That's the library.  Everythings on microfilm.  (Unlike online resources, the Microform Center is a permanent collection.

"THAT IS THE LIBRARY, EVERYTHING IS ON MICROFILM" (And unlike most online resources, it is part of Maag's permanent collection.) - National Forum, Winter 1988.

Comment Icon0 Microforms represent printed material that has been photographed and reduced in size to save storage space. Microforms require a machine, a reader, to read the print information. The different types of microforms include : microfilm (on a reel); microfiche (on a flat sheet); micro opaque or microcard.

What Are the Microform Collections
The collections include over 300  newspapers, 1,600 periodicals, 144 special collections, rare books and personal papers in a variety of fields. Thousands of government documents that were issued in the microfiche format have located in the center. For more information about Microform collection, look at the related pages listed in the upper right corner of this page , as well as the following links:

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How to Locate Materials in the Microform Center

Most microform titles are listed online in the MaagNet/OhioLINK catalogs while many others can be researched in the print indexes in the Microform Center.   Please feel free to ask Maag staff for assistance.
Call Numbers of Microforms

Most microforms are arranged by  a numeric call number.   Unlike the Library of Congress  system used in the rest of the library,   the call numbers are not subject related so it is even more important to have the correct  call number to direct you to the proper file cabinet(they all look alike!).    The  microform collection is  arrranged by format.  For example:
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  • Micro film 001,  Micro film 002, etc.    Micro fiche 001,  Micro fiche 002  – for special collections.
  • Micro film 001,   Micro film 002  Micro fiche X001,  Micro fiche  X002, etc.  – for periodicals,  newspapers, and other serials, an “X” is placed before the number
  • Superintendent of Document numbers by department –  Government Document collection in Microfiche format.

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How to Make a Copy of Microform Materials
Copies of most microform materials can be obtained from our three reader/printers.   They are available on a first come first serve basis and can be utilized with self service or with staff assistance.

Everything Old is New Again!  Digital Microform Copier Available  in Maag Microform Center

Think green!  Use our  digital microform reader/printer to save microform images of a newspaper article to a disk,  jump drive, or e-mail it to yourself.  Most of the one million items in  the Microform Center can be accessed in this manner.  Stop by the Microform service desk if you need assistance or a demonstration.
Scanning a newspaper to the PC
Scanning a newspaper image to the Microform Center PC.   For more information or assistance, feel free to contact:
Microforms Information Services Librarian
Maag Level Three
Tel: 330-941-1719

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