Facilitating Scholarly Activity Update

The subcommittee to address the facilitating faculty scholarship initiative has completed its final report detailing findings and recommendations.  The final report, “Initiative to Re-Engineer Processes to Reduce Time, Paperwork, and Divisional Barriers to Research and Scholarly Activity,” was presented to Provost Ikram Khawaja at a meeting on April 30, 2013.

The members of the subcommittee include Cathy Bieber Parrott, Chet Cooper, Mohan Eunni, Mike Hripko, Peter Norris, Rachael Pohle-Krauza (subcommittee chair), and Daniel VanDussen.

Facilitating Scholarly Activity

One of the initiatives for the Urban Research Transition Cornerstone in 2012-13 is “Re-engineer processes to reduce time, paperwork, and divisional barriers to research and scholarly activity.” The team leader is Rachael Pohle-Krauza, Associate Professor, Department of Human Ecology. Other members include Chet Cooper (Biology), Peter Norris (Chemistry), Mohan Eunni (Business), Dan VanDussen (Gerontology), Mike Hripko (Stem R&D), and Cathy Bieber Parrott (Physical Therapy).

The charge of the team is to establish a set of recommendations for “best practices” by which YSU should conduct scholarly processes. The group has identified a set of questions and a list of institutions from which to seek information. The team plans to report to the Urban Research Cornerstone committee before the end of the academic year. Their recommendations will then be used to identify how YSU might improve its policies and procedures to facilitate scholarly activity.