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Problems logging into Naxos Music Library

Lately, I’ve had some problems getting into the Naxos Music Library database, and I have a suspicion that I’m not the only person with this problem. I would be listening to music while connected to Naxos, I would navigate away to view another website and when I tried to get back into Naxos I would […]

Copyright free music

When students in the MMC are working on podcasts and other multimedia projects, I’m often asked where to go for legal music for use in these projects. In past I think I usually went on a long diatribe about copyright, fair use, and all the restrictions placed on music by the RIAA, but more recently […]

Our Finale computers are now connected to the internet!

We now have internet connections for our Finale workstations in the back room of the MMC. So, now you can watch funny videos on Youtube, IM your friends, and work on your masterpiece, all at the same time.

Podcast recording labs available at the MMC

The Multimedia Center is happy to announce the availability of two podcast recording labs for use by YSU students, faculty and staff. The labs can be checked out for three hours, and include microphones, headphones, and all the audio, picture and video editing software necessary to create podcasts and other multimedia projects. Contact the Multimedia […]